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With The Improvement Of People's Living Conditions, More And More People Begin To Pay Attention To Medical And Health Issues, Which Has Become The Most Important Topic In The Current Society. Many People Will "Diagnose" Themselves Based On Their Own Life Experience When They Are Unwell. This Method Is Incorrect. Therefore, The Tencent Medical Dictionary App Brought By The Editor Today Is A Very Practical Medical And Health Care App. Knowledge Software, Carefully Crafted By Tencent, Is To Create The Most Authoritative Medical And Health Software For All Users And Friends. The Software Here Provides You With Knowledge Of The Symptoms And Causes Of Various Diseases And Disease Prevention, So That Users Can Learn A Lot Of Medical And Health Knowledge Here, And There Are Many Experts Online To Answer Your Various Questions. Hundreds Of Well-Known Domestic Hospitals And Thousands Of Expert Doctors Are All Here Online To Help You Answer All Medical And Health Questions. With This Software, You Don't Have To Worry About Not Knowing Your Physical Condition, And It Can Prevent All Kinds Of Diseases. Friends Who Are Interested In This Software Come To Download And Experience!


Software Features

1. Exclusively Introduce Overseas High-Quality Medical And Health Content 

Webmd Is The World's Leading Medical And Health Information Platform. Tencent Has Exclusively Obtained The Chinese Version Of WebMD's More Than 60,000 Popular Medical Science Articles To Serve The Chinese People. 

2. Well-Known 

Tertiary Hospitals Cooperate With Tencent To Jointly Build Peking University People's Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing Hospital, Etc. 

3. Expert Committee Leading Content Compilation And Review The 

Expert Committee Is Composed Of Well-Known Experts In Various Disciplines. Each Sub-Field Invites An Academic Leader To Provide Professional Support For The Construction Of Medical Science Content With Advanced Theory And Practical Experience.


Software Function

1. [Authoritative Information] 

Authoritative Knowledge Information, Expert Compilation And Review, Medical Science Popularization For The Public 

2. [Expert Video] 

Expert Recording, Famous Video, Easy-To-Understand Disease Explanation 

3. [Exclusive Overseas] 

Exclusive Introduction Of Foreign Webmd And Healthewise And Other Information, Disease Knowledge Is More Authoritative 

4. [Tumor Zone] 

Provides Cutting-Edge Knowledge And Professional And Comprehensive Tumor Information, Providing You With In-Depth Interpretation Of Severe Tumors 

5. [Patient Community] 

A Community Of Patients With Warm And Attitude, Find Similar Patients To Discuss Together


Update Log

V2.3.5 Version Update Content 

1. Renamed To Tencent Medical Dictionary, A Professional Medical Dictionary For The Public 

2. Exclusive Introduction Of WebMD Copyright, Medical Knowledge Base From The United States 

3. New Disease Search, Tens Of Millions Of Diseases And Massive Knowledge Authoritative Science 

4 , New Medical Classics, Health Science Popularization That Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Are Reading. 

5. New Cost Gadgets, All The Costs Of Drugs And Medical Insurance

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