Screen Recorder for Android

Screen Recording Master , This Software Has Built-In Very Rich Operating Functions, Which Can Support Users To Record Various Game Videos. Whether You Are A Horizontal Screen Game Or A Vertical Screen Game, You Can Record All Of Them Here, Because This Software Can Support Horizontal And Vertical Screen Recording In Two Modes. In Addition, In Order To Make The User More Convenient, The Software Can Also Open The Floating Window At Any Time, Allowing You To Directly Operate Through The Floating Window, You Can Click To Start Recording, And Then Click To End The Recording. If You Feel Obstructive, You Can Also Turn The Floating Window. Hidden~ Generally Speaking, You Need Root Privileges To Open Floating Windows, But The Software That Xiaobian Brings To You Today Does Not Need Them. Users Can Directly Use All Functions Without Root Privileges. The Recorded Video Can Also Be Edited, Edited Out The Wonderful Operations In The Game, Shortened The Duration Of The Video, Etc. What Are You Waiting For? How Can You Miss Such A Useful Screen Recording Software?


Software Features

1. Root-Free And No Watermark, Use The Easiest Way To Record The Phone Screen 

2. All Functions Are Free, Simple And Easy To Use, Powerful Screen Recording Software 

3. Front Camera Recording, Easy To Adjust The Pre-Wide Picture Position And Size 

4. Video Management , Unified Management, Sharing, Deleting, Editing 

5. According To Whether The Content Displayed On The Screen Of The Mobile Phone Is Displayed In Horizontal Or Vertical Screen, Automatic Recording In Horizontal Or Vertical Screen. 

6. Preview Screen Position And Preview Screen Size Can Be Adjusted. Turn On Or Off The Front Camera Screen


Software Highlights

1. Automatically Hover And Hide The Neat Recording Screen During Recording. 

2. High-Definition Recording Quality Can Choose To Record High-Quality Images. 

3. Built-In Editing Function For Free Editing And Production. 

4. One-Click Sharing To Various Social Platforms


Software Function

[Hiding The Floating Window During Recording] The 

Program Turns On The Function Of Hiding The Floating Window During Recording By Default, Allowing You To Record A Clean And Tidy Picture, Which Can Be Set In The Settings. 

[Automatic Recording Of Horizontal And Vertical Screens] When 

Recording Starts, The Content Displayed On The Phone Screen Is Horizontal Or Vertical Screen Display, Automatic Horizontal Or Vertical Screen Recording 

[Quick Start/Shake To Stop Recording] 

Notification Bar Drop-Down Menu With One Click To Start, Stop Recording/Shake The Phone To Stop Recording When Recording 

[Front Camera Recording 

Adjustable Preview Screen Position And Preview Screen Size, The Front Camera Screen Can Be Turned On Or Off At Any Time During Screen Recording 

[Microphone Radio] 

Allows You To Easily Explain While Recording The Screen, Eliminating The Trouble Of Post-Production 

[High-Quality Recording/Screen Capture] 

Let You Can Record HD High-Quality Images (720P, 1080P), While Adjusting The Recording Definition And Bit Rate; Video Synthesis Adopts Unique Video Coding Technology, High-Definition Smooth, Small Size / One-Click Screen Capture, Convenient And Easy 

[ Highly Customizable] 

You Can Customize The Size And Transparency Of The Menu Buttons, Allowing You To Operate Conveniently While Keeping The Picture Beautiful 

[Film Editing] 

Built-In Video Editing Function, Easily Modify The Length Of The Recorded Movie, For Fast Video Editing And Video Production 

[Movie Management Page] 

Through The Built-In Management Module, You Can Manage Your Recorded Videos In A Unified Manner, And You Can Rename, Delete, Share, Etc. 

[Quick Sharing] After The 

Recording Is Completed, You Can Share The Video To The Video Platform, Moments And Other Social Software


Update Log

Updates In The V2.5.26 Version: 

1. Fix Internal Errors In The App 

2. Pay Attention To Enabling The Permissions Of "Floating Window" And "Background Pop-Up Window" 3. Optimize The App For Faster Use

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