San Jianhaov 5.8.0 abnormal version

As Soon As I Heard The Game Name Of The Abnormal Version Of The Three Swordsman Game , Did Everyone Have A Wonderful World Of Martial Arts Scene In Their Minds? If You Can Have Such An Idea, Then The Editor Thinks That It Is Absolutely Right To Push It To Everyone Today, Because Only People Who Really Love The World Of Martial Arts Can Associate Various Martial Arts Pictures From Words, So If It Is Big Guy If You Want To Try This Unique Martial Arts Adventure RPG Mobile Game, Then You Must Not Wait Any Longer. I Think This Game Can Be Regarded As The Most Fun Martial Arts Adventure Mobile Game On The Market. , Not Only Is There A Lot Of Game Players, But The Skills, Scenes, Special Effects, Roles, And Occupations Are Also Quite Rich And Diverse, So I Want To Experience The Novel Content Of The Real 3D Martial Arts Mobile Game San Jianhao Friends, Hurry Up And Download It! 

Game Features 

1.3D Picture The Game Picture Adopts 3D Modeling From Characters To Scenes, High Dynamic Range 3D Rendering Technology, Smooth And Realistic Pictures. The Magnificent City, Scattered Buildings, Beautiful Costumes, And Exquisite Swords In The Game Perfectly Present The Atmosphere Of The Rivers And Lakes. The Game Is Carried Out With Any Moving Perspective Of The Whole Scene, Which Makes People Feel That They Are Not Lost On The Screen. Level. A Large Number Of Plot CGs Are Also Interspersed In The Game So That Players Can Avoid The Boring Time Of Reading Text. 

 2. Simple Operation. The Operation Of The Free Group Of Violent Skills Is Very Simple, Allowing Players To Focus More On The Cultivation Part. The Game Uses A Virtual Joystick And Fixed Buttons For Operation. You Can Move The Character On The Left Side Of The Screen. You Don’t Have To Use The Virtual Joystick Icon In The Lower Left Corner And Several Fixed Position Buttons On The Lower Right Corner. Unleash Different Nirvana Skills. The Game Is Also Equipped With Automatic Combat, And The Automatic Battle Of The Game Will Automatically Release Skills. 

 3. Hundreds Of Original Knights Help Players No Longer Stand Alone. The Biggest Highlight Is The Knight System. The Knight System In "Three Swordsman" Is More Detailed And Meticulous. No Matter The Character Screens, Special Effects Of Skills Or The Dubbing Of The Knights, The Players Feel Like The Heroes. In The Wild. In Addition To The Old Version Of The System, The Knight System Has Also Added A New Equipment System, And The Characters Are More Detailed. Game Players Can Put Four Knights Into Battle And Obtain The Combat Power Of The Knights In The Battle. In The Dungeon, The Players Can Also Change The Knights In The Battle (No Longer Change A Group, But The Knights In The Battle Are At The Discretion Of The Player). There Are Specific Skills That Will Cause Very High Damage To The Enemy, And The Skills Are Very Dazzling Game 


1. [The Quality Of Sound And Image Is Improved, And The Operation Is Slightly Inadequate] 
 The Character Design And Scene Environment In This Game Are Not Good Enough . Compared With The Previous Game, The Details Of The Character's Expression, Clothing, Movement And Other Aspects Are More In Place. Sometimes The Map Will Strange Things Appear, Like The Model Of A Dead Body In The Picture Below, Which Is A Little Perfunctory. Overall, There Is Still A Slight Gap With The Mainstream 3d Martial Arts Mobile Game. 
 The Operation Is ARPG's Conventional Virtual Joystick + Skill Button. The Virtual Joystick Is A Fixed Position, So You Can't Walk Around At Will. Although A Certain Degree Of Operability Is Sacrificed, Users Can Pay More Attention To The Interface Progress In The Core Area And Feel The Visual Impact Of Special Effects And Killing Monsters. In Actual Battles, The Skill Strike, Action Feedback, And Sound Effects Are Quite Satisfactory. However, After The Skills Are Released, The Characters Are Slightly Stiff, Which Affects The Combat Experience . 
2. [The Intention To Start PK At Level 1 Is Good, But The Skills Can’t Keep Up] Being A Hero Is Everyone’s Childhood Dream, But Now It’s A Legal Society. , There Is No World At All. However, In The Game, The "Learning System" Satisfies ARPG Users' Desire To Fight And Kill. But You Can Compete At Level 1, Is It Really Good? Isn’t It Monotonous? Will It Be Lively? 
 Of Course, After The Level And The Entourage Have A Certain Level, The Competition Still Feels A Little Bit. The Numerical Value Of "Three Swordsman" Is Not Too Serious, And The Counterattack Can Be Completed With The Proper Combination Of Knights. The Current Game Knights Are Divided Into Offense, Defense, Auxiliary, And Control. According To The Object Of The Competition, The Configuration Of Different Opponent Lineups, With Certain Strategies, Can Be Regarded As The First Fun After Brainless Drawing
 3. [The Gang Has Three Tricks, There Is No Bright Spot] 
 This Ultimate Closed Beta, Open The Gang Gameplay, With 3D "Gang Territory" Interface. At Present, Gangs Open Mainstream Standard Features, Gang Missions, Altars, And Shops. After The Player Joins The Gang, They Can Engage In Some Interactive Gameplay, Such As Gang Dungeon, And Push The Picture To Get Rare Items. The Entire Gang System Is Quite Regular, While The Gang Wars And Gang Activities That Players Pay More Attention To Are Not Yet Open . 
4. [Character Development Has Many Ways To Play, But You Know The Cost] In The Game, The Path Of Character Development Is Regular But Rich In Addition To The Old Three We Are Familiar With: Upgrades, Strong Equipment, And Thugs, There Are Also Chessboards, Formations, Martial Arts And Other Gameplay That Can Strengthen The Character's Life, Attack Power And Other Dimensions. 

There Are Two Core Development Routes: Character Development And Follow-Up Knight Development. In The Game, The Training Of Knights Is Very Important, And The Combination Of Knights Who Have Risen To The Highest Level Is Not Weaker Than The Output Of The Protagonist, And The Team Has Great Growth. In Contrast, There Are More Choices In The Matching Of Knights, And It Takes More Time To Cultivate A Finished Team. Of Course, Time-Consuming Is One Aspect, And Money Is Necessary. If You Want To Train Him To Be Very Strong, You Must Have Enough Possessions. 
 In Addition To Character Development, The Fashion Pendant Has Also Been Updated Recently. After The Player Is Equipped With The Pendant, The Mobile Gain Effect Can Be Increased. One Is To Increase Training Methods, Secondly, Also Promote The Training Time, Because When You Can’t Keep Up, You Will Be Killed And Overwhelmed Every Minute. 

 5. [Small Highlights Of The Mission System, You Can Watch The Plot When You Are Bored] On The Mission System, You Need To Mention It. A Detail. The General Game Is Divided Into Main Line/Branch Line. I Often Ignore The Plot And The Task While Doing It. The Game Is Divided Into The Main Line And The Heroic Biography (Although This Is Something Similar To The Sideline). The Main Line Gains A Lot Of Experience, And The Heroic Biography Is Further Integrated Into The Story Of The Heroic Perspective. When There Is No Main Task To Do, Check The Plot. Quite Interesting


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