Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms apk

 Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms Is A Fun And Fun Three Kingdoms Card Battle Strategy Competitive Mobile Game. The Game Uses The Three Kingdoms Period Of Wei, Shu And Wu As The Background Of The Game. In This Era Of Smoke, Everyone Will Have Their Own Army, Fighters, And Equipment. You Need To Get More Through Continuous Development And Confrontation. Resources And Wealth, Only When You Have The Most Resources In The World, The Strongest Generals, And The Best Army, Can You Dominate The World And Dominate The Mountains And Rivers. The Main Gameplay Of The Game Is Based On Card Battles. Everyone Needs To Continuously Collect And Develop Powerful Hero Battles To Launch Attacks And Aggressions Against Other Countries In The Future, And In This, Everyone Needs To Have Enough Many Strategies And Strategies, Because Other Countries Are Not So Easy To Play, They Are Also Controlled By Real Players Like You, So The Game Difficulty Of This Game Is Still Relatively High, If You Have Enough Of Such Games If You Are Interested, Then You Must Download And Experience This Three Kingdoms Hero Record! 

Game Features

1. Q Cute Animal Companions, Fight Against Chaotic Officials And Thieves 

2. BMW Liangju Meets Bole, Helping You Gallop On The Battlefield, Invincible 

3. Hundreds Of Three Kingdoms Will Join Hands To Fight The Troubled Times With You 

4. Fangtian Painted Halberd, Qinglong Yanyue , Male And Female Double-Stranded Superb Soldiers Are Waiting For You

Game Upgrade Strategy

1. To Upgrade The Magic Weapon, The First One Needs The Advanced Stone, And The Second Requires The Universal Magic Weapon Or The Same Magic Weapon 

. 2. The Quick Acquisition Method Of The Magic Weapon Has Already Been Introduced To Everyone, So The Magic Weapon Introduced Today Is More The Upgrade Process Is Similar To That Of The Magic Weapon Stepping Stone, But The Difference Is That The Orange Magic Weapon Is Basically The Same Magic Weapon 

3. In The Magic Weapon Store, Players Can Purchase The Required Items Through Ingots And Other Items Or Fragments Magic Magic 

4. First, The Player Can Store The Magic Magic Or Fragments, Or Exploits Bought With Gold, Accumulated To A Certain Amount Can Be Synthesized 

5. Magic Debris After Synthesis, While Magic You Can Go To The Replacement System For Replacement When You Reach The Required Number Of Advanced Levels. 

6. Replace The Color Of The Magic Weapon According To The Need. The Color Of The Replacement Symbol Needs To Be Consistent With The Color Of The Magic Weapon. Take The Orange God Soldier As An Example. To Find The Orange Replacement Symbol In The Backpack, You Only Need To Use The Orange Replacement Symbol. The Red God Soldier Uses The Red Replacement Talisman. 

7. Collect Other Idle Generals And Magic Soldiers To A Certain Number, And Only 1 Replacement Talisman Is Needed. Therefore, It Is Recommended That Players Can Collect The Military Generals First Without The Omnipotent Orange Magic Weapons, So That All Idle Magic Weapons Can Be Converted Into Omnipotent Magic Weapons

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