Cash 8 Ball Pool 5.0.0 Link 2020

Bright Diamond cue Max:

How to Max Bright Diamond Cue.

its April Offer 2020 you can get diamonds by playing 8 ball pool tables and geting victory boxes and opeing up to 15 victory boxes you will get 30 diamond by 15x diamonds you will get 2 pieces of cue and avatar of 8 ball pool and also by spending 15x pieces you will get again 2 pieces of cue and chat pack as well as. and collect again 30 diamonds and spending them you will get  6 pieces of birght diamond cue. after these you will have to pay for more pieces but i will tell you a way wihtou using money you will get free pieces of bright diamond cue and you will make your bright diamond cue max in just 5 to 10 minutes.

you  have to do 3 steps for birght diamond cue max level.

1st Step:

Get offer by backup trick By watching my youtube video bellow.

2nd Step.

collect 30 diamonds and create backup of 30 diamonds by watching my youtube video.

3rd Step.

Now collect 6 pieces of cue and again restore from virtual backup app by my youtube video trick and again get 6 pieces or bright diamond cue. you can get unlimited pieces by 6x 6x 6x by applying backup trick which i learn you ib my youtube video thanks.


You Need To Download Only 1 file extrect it by Zarchiver and get recommanded Apps.


NOTE:- Download zarchviever from players store extrect file using Password Shoaib xD The Download Parellel Space lite from play store depend on your mobile Bits i Have 64bit Vivo Mobile android version 9.0 So i m using parallel space lite with 64bit extra engine files which automatically download from play store to work properly parellel space lit ein my mobile





8 Ball Pool 5.0.0 Link


How To Play 8 Ball Pool

how to play 8-ball pool game there are many different varieties of pool all with different rules and regulations 8 ball pool can be played as singles or doubles the object of the game is to pocket the colored balls either solids or stripes

after you pocket all seven of your balls you need to legally pocket the 8 number black ball to win what do you need to play pool a pool table a cue stick a triangle rack 7 solid balls numbered 1 2 7 7 stripe balls numbered 9 to 15 1 black ball number 8 and 1 white cue ball this ball is the ball the players used to strike and try to hit the other balls with who those first players can decide by tossing a coin the player who wins the toss has the choice of going first or can ask the opposing player to initiate the tiebreaker if

playing the next game then the winner of the last game has the option to break game preparation the balls are racked in a triangle shape the order the balls is to be random with the 8 ball in the center like this rules of the break the white cue ball does not need to hit any object ball first if the breaker pockets a ball at least 4 balls must hit cushions if the breaker does not pocket a ball and fails to drive at least four balls to one or more rails it is an illegal break in the case of an illegal break the other player can either accept the table as is and play from there or choose to re-rack and break again fallacy


if the cue ball doesn't make contact with one of your own boss if you pocket a ball which you are not supposed to on if any ball jumps off the table if a player pockets the white ball if neither the object ball nor the cue ball hit the rail around the edge of the table this is a foul if a cue stick hits any ball while taking your turn this is a foul and you lose your turn touching any object with the cue ball while it's in your hand if the cue stick strikes the ball more than once on a shot let's start the game the game begins when the first player places the white cue ball anywhere behind the tables headed string


if you pocket the cue ball on your break the opponent gets a ball in hand now the opponent player will be able to move the cue ball anywhere on the table to play his or her shot if you pop one or more balls during your break you get another turn but the table will remain open open means you can still choose either one solid or striped balls if you make a solid ball all out I'm solids or if you make stripes all out I'm stripes note if you're the first player to pocket a numbered ball but you potted both a stripe and a solid at the same time then you can choose the group of balls
you want to call out either solid or stripes now you have to aim for that group of balls throughout the game for example if you're the breaking player and you potted the solid number five ball now you only have to target solid balls your goal should be to pocket all of the solid balls once you pot out all your solid balls then you need to target the number eight black ball before your opponent pockets all of the stripe bolts you can pot as many numbered balls you want from you

group with one shot but you can decide before the game starts if you want to play with all your shots rule in the call your shots role players must call each shot they tank so you must announce which ball you're going to pop into which pocket you might say 11 number ball in the middle pocket you must indicate with his or her cue stick to make it clear which pocket you mean but always whether you're playing the call your shots rule or not to pocket the number eight ball you must announce where you're going to pocket the number eight ball before you shoot

when does the pool game in a player who pockets all of their seven balls and then legally pockets the number eight ball into the nominated pocket wins the game the opponent player also wins the game if one of the following occurs one if the eight ball is knocked off the table two pockets the eight ball in a pocket other than the one designated three plotting the eight ball before all your object balls have been potted for potting the white cue ball and the eight ball on the same shot five if the player pots the eight ball but also fouls if you liked the video hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel



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