How To Play 8 Ball Pool 4.9.0 2020

How to play 8 ball pool 2020


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what is going on guys welcome back to another video now this is not just a normal video this is something that you guys have been requesting requesting me for such a long time and I think this is the perfect time to make it they call it the spin tutorial but before I just jump into this I just want to point out that this is my point of view considering spinner rights and spin is a natural phenomenon sand idea and it is a

perspective that differs from person to person so whatever I'm gonna be speaking in the video might not match 100% with you guys or with some other great players so I don't know but if you guys do enjoy this video leave a like and if you're new then leave a like and

subscribe for more amazing content now I'm gonna start off with the basics alright because if the basics are not clear you may find a difficult time to understand the whole concept I'm gonna start off with the backspin I know that's stupid but backspin I mean generally means that when you're hitting a fall straight in line you're aiming it straight and you apply backspin and hit it with some force the cue ball is gonna come exactly in the opposite direction in which your ball that you just hit is going I mean you can relate that to Newton's third law of something I mean every action has an equal and opposite reaction that is exactly how backspin work now topspin is just the opposite of backspin or screw back whatever you're gonna call it it's just like


it's called follow also sometimes and the reason is because if you're hitting a ball by using topspin the cue ball is gonna follow that ball it's gonna go in the same direction I mean in which the ball that you just hit is going now that were just simple things that I just told him that most people know now sometimes what happens guys you are not aiming in a straight line and it happens most of the time and your aim might be tilted slightly towards the left or towards the right and you have to use backspin now in such cases the cue ball is gonna come back but in a different angle and that angle depends on how much your aim is tilted so just go I would recommend you guys to go to practice offline mode and use the cue which you use regularly so the next thing is the topspin with some tilted angle now in this case as well the cue ball is gonna follow the ball but in a

perform like if it's tilted towards the left is it gonna go like this and to the right it's gonna go like this

yeah I know I'm looking like

construction engineer or something giving these examples but but this is art verts basically guys and this line that you you're seeing highlighted on the screen this is what is gonna help you in determining in which direction your cue ball will actually go now the main thing side spins I'm not gonna lie this was the last thing that I learned in this game and I was like why do people use it while left spin rights man what is the purpose I mean it doesn't do anything

now this spin is mainly used I mean 95% of the time when you're hitting or rail all right in a ball that is close to a rail so I mean it's not that difficult guys the actual meaning is in the name itself you're seeing on the screen right now I'm hitting the cue ball on the top rail by adding left spin and the cue ball would simply go to the left hand side of the table now I'm gonna hit it to the right side by using right spin and it's just gonna come to the right hand side of the table now it might be looking pretty simple but it's actually not when you're you know hitting a ball that is close to the rail so this is an example over here if you wanna hit a ball and you want to adjust a position of the cue ball by using spin you can use either right or left and now the main thing comes is the use of force and now this thing depends from Q to Q and this is why

I see on some other YouTube you know spin tutorial videos people are saying that the things are not working I mean the same way as it's working with you and this is why this is the reason I'm saying go and practice in offline mode with the cue that you're using because spin differs cue to cue so you have to keep in mind the force that you are using while hitting a ball on the rail now the lesser force you'll use the lesser of the spin will work and you have to use the moderate amount of spin so as to actually control the cue ball where you want now--don't

or power the shot I mean that would end up you know miss placing viewable or ending up you know scratching but if you really do need to you know or power it as per the circumstances there is no problem now this is where it gets a bit trickier right now in in the situations that we have been discussing earlier the Keeble the cue ball was on the bottom of the table and the balls that we were eating were on the top now if the situation is opposite like the cue balls on the top of the table and the ball that you're hitting is on the bottom rail

now the spins will work exactly in an opposite manner now it might sound a bit surprising but if you want to bring the cue ball to the left you have to use right spin and if you're gonna bring it to the right you have to use left spin it's the vice versa obviously now I was actually a bit confused at first that why do we have to use you know the opposite direction spin I mean I have to bring it to the left why am using right spin I found out that from our point of view this is the right hand side of the you know cue ball and this is the left but from the cue balls point of view if you turn your phone 180 degrees you will find out that you know it's just the opposite

this is the left hand side and this is the right hand side from the cue balls point of view so this is the reason we just you know reverse the spins if the cue ball is on the top of the table now guys it is time to discuss the left rail and the right rail of the table now as you're seeing on the screen right now.

I am aiming on the yellow ball now the thing is we have to keep in mind once again what is the left hand side and the right hand side from the cue balls point of view now in this case this is the right hand side and this is the left hand side so obviously if I'm gonna use left spin the cue ball is gonna come to the left after hitting the ball and the rail and it's gonna happen the vice versa if I'm gonna use right spin so why I am taking so less time and you know making you guys understand this because I don't want to let you guys think that this is so difficult and difficult it is not actually difficult it is easy guys once you get the concept it it's easy now the right Braille now this time the right hand side is this and the left hand side is that you just have to analyze which is the right and left slide from the cue ball and once you you are able to do this believe me

it will be a piece of cake this is the main thing that you have to realize while using side spins that wishes you know which side from the cue balls point of view so as you're saying it's I mean I think I'm sure you guys are getting an idea what I'm trying to prove in the video okay guys so the last thing is stun shots now this is uh this comes in use when you have to you know make position now when you have to do a stun shot you have to use some backspin it depends on the situation

now the backspin depends this is an important thing the farther the cue ball is from the ball that you're hitting the more backspin you should could and and the closer they are the less backspin you should put now once you have set the backspin you have to understand the force I mean with which you head to actually make a stun shot so go right now in practice offline mode and just try to do it


I mean anger wanting more stun shots only work when you are in straight line I mean the aim is straight alright then only the stun shots work so yeah guys this was it if you did enjoyed this video please do leave a light without a hit 300 or something like there are so many insects over here man but seriously guys I'd was a great fun actually making this video and helping all of you guys we are very close to 10,000 subs actually if you guys have an idea like what I should do for the 10,000 sub special just leave a comment down below any like real life challenges or whatever you guys go on I'll just feel free to drop drop it in the

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