Es File Explorer File Manager Apk

Every mobile phone comes with a custom file manager. But that built-in file manager could perform basic and simple functions only. Like you can copy, paste, delete and rename files only. That’s why users dislike custom file manager. There are a lot of other features which a file manager should have. You will find all of those features in ‘Es file explorer’ file manager that comes with the best UI (user interface). Es File Explorer File Manager easier by providing all required things at one platform.

Es File Explorer File Manager Apk 2020:

You don’t need to worry about your privacy, files opening, moving, sharing, customizing and much more. There are many advanced features in this app but a few of them are given below with details.

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1. Copy, paste, cut and move files:

You can simply perform basic tasks like copying, cutting and moving files from one folder to another in this app. But unlike local file manager, Es file explorer comes with the best interface and attractive layouts. Es file explorer gives a faster response to the user as compared to the built-in file manager.

2. Compress files:


You can compress and decompress files and folders in Es file explorer. This app supports Zip and Rar formats. You can Zip and unzip files just in one click. Opening different apps and waiting for a long time isn’t required for it.

3. Share files:

One of the best features of Es file explorer is sharing files from one device to other devices (of any operating system) using Bluetooth connection, FTP and Wi-Fi direct. You can also share files using cloud storage. You can log in with almost all type of cloud storage. Users mostly prefer Es file explorer app due to the availability of this amazing feature.

4. Open files:

You can view and run files of different format (extensions). Following files can be opened in Es file explorer app (by built-in tools).

  • You can view and read pdf

  • Play videos and music in players (video player and audio player) and images.

  • You can also read and edit text files.

  • You can unzip compressed (zip) files.

  • There are many more formats available in Es file explorer pro app.

5. Scan/clean files:

You can clean your mobile phone from unwanted files using Es file explorer app. This app comes with junk files detector and cleaner. You can also keep your mobile safe from virus using this awesome feature. This tool works accurately.

So these were the main features you find in Es file explorer app. There are a lot of other features like customizing, themes, recycle bin, cloud storage and much more. You can download and install Es File Explorer File Manager Apk latest version for free from this site. This apk comes with all premium features.

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